Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moving To A New Home

The idea started when my best friend Azaham had to ditch his foreign country work and came back home for good. My mind started to spin 360 degrees wondering what should I do with my residence here in KL?

Prior to all these, I have lost more than RM 60,000 when I bought a bungalow from my divorced cousin. But finally after 3 years of living there her bank asked for more money, about RM35,000 in addition of what I have invested. So I decided to let go of that bungalow and moved away. It was a big mess for me then. I had to let go of so much stuff from my house and finally I ended up in Azaham’s apartment.

We worked out some kind of an agreement between friends and there after, I started living at his apartment permanently while he was away living in Macau.

And now, another similar situation happens again. I decided to move out of his apartment and find my own terrace house to live. I believe this decision is for the best. Azaham needs his space and his apartment all to himself again. It is just not right for a 38-years-old guy like me still living under his roof and taking up his space and privacy.

Although we already traded a win-win situation for both of us, I still felt like a leech sucking his blood. After all we are all living in our own unique ways. He certainly would want to do things his own way with his apartment and this doesn’t need my approval because I am just living there now and he’s the owner.

I have found a decent terrace house for me that can fit all of my needs and requirements. The only small tiny things though, I have no furniture of any kinds at all. No kitchen stuff, no dining table, no living room set and no bedroom set. At first my other best friend Kamizi, was kind of sad that I have to move out from Azaham’s apartment because to all my friends, Azaham’s apartment was like my own place. They always call it Dwen’s place and not Azaham’s.

But since moving out require such an epic projects to fill up the new place, Kamizi with open hearted, more correctly and literally take me out for shopping and use up all his big credits credit cards and let me benefit from the installment plans that come with it. It is really a blessing to me because he put some scary common sense about buying for house hold furniture and stuff. He said we must think of it as a one time investment that we could use for a long time.

As Kamizi put it, it doesn’t matter whether this residence now is rented, in the near future I have to start thinking of buying my own place again. And these house hold furniture that I buy now must be of good quality that would last me a life time. Since Kamizi has just moved in to his new terrace house about a year ago, he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. So I have lesser things to worry about when buying things! But now I am worried about one other thing; good quality house hold furniture that could last me a life time which also translated as expensive. This idea does get me to stare through an empty wall with cold sweats run down my forehead.

So far I have spent so much money which according to Kamizi’s prediction he is correct again. And now, there’s no turning back because most of the stuff that I need to fill up my new place, already been bought. Which also means that real soon; I will have to be a slave paying all these debts for the next 3 years.

There goes my cold sweats again….and there goes my designer bags once or twice or sometimes 5 times a year. Sigh!

I am a “fashionmista” guy. I live and breathe for fashion. However to Kamizi my fashion is a waste of money and no value of happiness to him. Clearly we have different views about what makes us happy. For me a Burberry tote bag gave me a subtle and instant comfort, happiness and a sense of self confident as soon as I step out of my house and end up among strangers in the mall. To Kamizi he just wants to live in his own comfortable house that has all the luxury of living. What happen out side of his home can be downsized to a minimal request.

The funny thing is somehow I want let go of my own way of life and go with Kamizi’s way instead. Maybe it is time for me to think of the most important needs that I should have; working towards getting my own house. And getting the right house hold furniture for my future home is my first step towards this idea.

Maybe kamizi is right all the way. It’s just that he’s not fun like me. He doesn’t enjoy art, fashion, music or entertainment as much as I do. But I am so grateful to have friends like Kamizi who is so much more than my own siblings and Azaham who is so much more than any friends I know.

So when it’s time to help each other, they just come and help me and I did the same to them too.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Magical Moon

On the 27th June 2010, As I was at home doing nothing, this magical moon appeared in the night sky, shining bright behind dark clouds. I was lucky enough to have my Canon EOS 1000D camera with me at that moment. And so I changed the lens to a zoom 55-250mm lens and snaps a few photos.

These photos are as real as it was that night and I didn't do any editing at all to the original photos. The moon looks like it belongs in a Batman movie.