Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pretty Cupcakes

I always believe that people eat through their eyes first and the taste comes second as an added bonus. Imagine if the food is ugly, nobody wants to eat it unless somebody said that it taste really delicious then only we would try right?

But not in the case of cupcakes, not only they are so pretty dainty little cakes but they taste really delicious too. Thanks so much to the sweet frosting that we piped on each cupcakes and then sprinkled with sweet colorful sugar tiny beads, balls, rice, heart shaped or stars.

I have always love to eat cupcakes. Even when I am already tired of eating every single ones that I stumble upon in every cafe and bakeries in every malls in Kuala Lumpur, I go home and bake more for myself.

Whenever you suddenly strike with a mood to bake and you got all the ingredients in your kitchen, go on and bake some for yourself. Home baking is suppose to be a joy and not a chore. So enjoy yourself and create a pretty one. Below are some of my own cupcakes.

What Is Red Velvet Cake?

Lately I got so much orders for my Red Velvet Cakes and Cupcakes. It is funny how people are so fascinated with Red Velvet. Is it because of the name? Or its color? Or the vague taste of Red Velvet itself which is neither chocolate nor butter? Or simply because of its popularity?

Generally my customers love the texture, the moist factor and the interesting taste of my Red Velvet. The deep red velvety color does play such an important role as when the eyes see it so appertising, the vague sweet taste of the cake with the slight sour taste from the cream cheese frosting really make up for the whole combination. The whole cake really came out like a winner.

The funny thing is whenever my customers, friends or family asked me what is the taste of Red Velvet, I often have to explain what I put in the cake instead. Well I suppose I could say that Red Velvet is a taste combination of chocolate, sweet and a little bit of sour from the cream cheese and also the white vinegar.

Below are some of my Red Velvet Cakes from recent orders.

 These were a special order for a wedding with a theme of peach color. So I decided to decorate the red velvet cupcakes with simple peach fondant daisies.