Thursday, December 30, 2010


My worst nightmare has finally come at last. I had to do so much for my company’s paperwork and accounts and the LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) is going to fine me on all the income tax that I have not yet pay in 2004 to 2006. And ROC would probably fine me for the late submission of my account statements and what not too.

All these delays and what not goes way back when Joe was in this company. He was this sloth American who wants to make it easy for him to get a PR in Malaysia but wants to skip all the paperwork or pay any cost that involve along the way. He’s the kind that used his finger a lot to point instead of to do it himself. But I was wrong too for not fighting him for the right thing to do. I let it go and let him have it his way. I was afraid and stupid in a way!

We the Malaysian worked as his “kuli batak” while he sat in his throne and play chatting on the internet the whole day. Just like when we were in Honolulu long time ago; Annie, Emily and I were his “kuli batak” then and we were forced to make phone calls to all the list of customers that he stole from Wyland Art Gallery to sell arts to these poor people as well. It was a pain in our ass and it was dreadful. Nothing good came out of that and it was shit all the way.

So, naturally who could stand his stupid foul mouth, lying ass any longer and we had a fight in 2006 and I told him to fuck off from my life and the company. So he resigned and went to Bangkok, Thailand, his land of the dream. He has always dreamt about living in Thailand ever since I met him in 1997. This was his biggest chance to leave us be since he has no balls to say what he wanted. And I knew he wanted to ditch us long time ago but couldn’t bring himself to say it to my face.

It felt like a huge bird shit just left our shoulders clean and decided to land on Bangkok people instead. He was there for a few years until end of 2009, then he called me and informed that he was leaving Bangkok for good to work in the government sector in LA, California. I found out later that before he left Bangkok he scammed our customer in Japan for more than 10,000 dollars and ran away. What a fucking Pig!

The problem now is I have to find a great solution to get away from being stuck in the net of fines and paperworks and then drown in the ocean of failure caused by the government policies. All these problems will definitely drown me and kill my spirit to live along the process to survive.

So I may be forced to close my current company and come out with a sole proprietorship company which require a lot less paperwork and will not be audited by the stupid government bodies. Sort of the second chance that I am hoping for.

I hope everything will go well as plan and I hope I will not get so much in trouble with the government soon. I am making a list of new company names to choose from now.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 to all friends and strangers.

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