Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Office Was Burglarized!

This morning was a nerve wrecking incident for all my staff and I. When my staff got to the office at 8.30am this morning (I came after 9am mind you), the main wooden door and the grill door was already opened. When they walked in, everything was upside down and inside out. Every little box, drawers, files and pretty much everything was ransacked and thrown everywhere. We were burglarized!

We have been doing business at this office for more than 9 years and Alhamdulillah, we were okay before up until today. This is the first time somebody broke into our office and stole some of our precious stuff.

1. Compact Laptop, bag and accessories.
2. Cash of RM 750.00
3. Pentax-P3 Manual Film Camera
4. Canon Sureshot Digital Camera
5. Western Digital External Hard-drive
6. All the cables for my Canon DSLR 500D
7. My old Canon Ixus

We estimated the lost was at least RM 5,000.00. The police and the CSI Officer came at around 10.30am to check for finger prints and took some photos of all the mess. But somehow in the first place, I do not even care to even make a Police report about this robbery as it will not change anything or catch the damn culprit. It'll only waste more of my time.

Among all the possession that were stolen, the WD External Hard Drive was the most important of all. That thing store all my precious photos for the last 13 years, all the information about my company since 2000, all my downloaded musics since 1998 and very rare as well, a lot of artwork for my business and many more.

I just cannot begin how sad I am right now. It's like someone stole the last 13 years of my life and left me with a very vague memory to rely on.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda. . . . .It's too late now but it's time to change all the locks.

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