Monday, January 31, 2011

Letters To Juliet VS Leap Year

I had the pleasure to watch these two movies on DVD recently; Letters To Juliet & Leap Year. It was quite fun actually! I have always enjoy comedy romantic movies among all the other genres out there.

These two movies made me laughed and made me wanna look for love or renew my love. Just like many other movies in Hollywood, the stories are very much similar but the character and the other parts are all different.

In this case, both movies plots are about an engaged pretty American girl who lives in New York and thought that their American fiance is the only love of her life until they end-up in Italy (Letters To juliet) or Wales (Leap Year).

American or specifically New Yorkers always thought that they are all that and the rest of the world are crap kind of stuff until they are actually crawl out from under the rock (USA) and realized there are other countries besides USA and there are so many better looking people than Americans out there. Duhhhhh!!!!

So in Letters To Juliet, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) dumped his faux Italian New Yorker fiance who is rich and own an italian restaurant in New York over a handsome but foul mouth rude British who is less interesting but at least gave her more attention than her stupid American fiance whose name I didn't even realized through out the damn movie. It's amazing that a girl would go so far across the Atlantic ocean to find a man that can give attention to her over a security in life living in New York.

And in Leap Year, Anna(Amy Adams) dumped his neat dandy good looking and rich fiance Dr. Jeremy (Adam Scott) who is boring and too predictable and non-romantic over a handsome "bad-boy" bar owner named Declan (Matthew Goode) who is poor, messy and was very rude to a stupid lost American girl such as herself. Declan turned out to be the one she wanted when she realized that Declan will definitely rescue her first if their house is on fire. What T F! Yup! That was her last trick question to Dr Jeremy when he was busy collecting his cameras, laptops and mobile phones among other things and forgot to pick her when she ring the fire alarm in their expensive apartment in New York.

By the end of the day a girl will end up somewhere far God knows where and follow her heart for some satisfation in their hearts and in bed as well of course. I bet you if the bed sucks, she will go back to New York in no time and she will not let herself living in poor, feeding some chickens and getting mud in her shoes in some back yard vegetables garden. I am not kidding!

And another thing is they (stupid American girl in Hollywood movies) will always pick a bad boy over a dandy rich man. Is it the manly good looks more important than the security in life? Is the interesting macho factor is more important than a boring dandy man?

Open your heart and ask that question to yourself. Sex or money? Adventure in third class or travel in style first class?

Hmmmm! I think I know what i like but I don't kiss and tell. LOL!

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