Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FIMO Air Light : Flower Project (Pt.1)

I was first introduced to FIMO Air Light Modeling Clay recently by Staedtler Malaysia. I didn't know that FIMO brand also produce air-dry clay as well besides their world-famous FIMO Soft and FIMO Classic Polymer Clay.

I have worked with a Japanese brand Hearty Modelling clay and also Crayola air-dry clay for more than 10 years now. They both are different and takes practice to work with. Between Hearty and Crayola, Hearty will give a professional finish and it can be a product that you can sell. Crayola is more for kids to play with and you can't really turn it into dainty little flowers or decorations. Crayola is more to making small cartoony figurines but it will become slightly flexible after it dries out. Hearty and FIMO Air Light however will become harden and light.

So, when I first work with FIMO Air Light, I think this air-dry clay is really good and with practice of how to handle the clay, one can make so many beautiful things. Things that you can use as a decorations, things that you can sell at an Arts & Craft fair as the results are professional and beautiful.

Below are some of the things that I have done so far with FIMO Air Light Modeling Clay.

I will add more projects that I have done with FIMO in the future.

Dwen Ujang


  1. Thank you for your nice words on our FIMOair modelling clay - it would be lovely if you could post the pics with the gorgeous flowers you made on our facebook fanpage http://www.facebook.com/STAEDTLER.headquarters

    Have a sunny day and kind regards,
    Yvonne from STAEDTLER headquarters

  2. And another one, Dwen: Are you interested in showing your artworks and name on our FIMO and STAEDTLER websites' FIMOair pages? If so, please contact us at STAEDTLER.Mars.GmbH.Co.KG@facebook.com

    Kind regards!