Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pillsbury's Lemon Delight Pound Cake

My friend Kamizi always love a good Lemon Pound Cake. For some reason he doesn't like any chocolate cake or any dark chocolate frosting at all. So recently for his office colleagues birthday celebrations, he ordered a Lemon Pound Cake in square shape and ask me to decorate nicely because he wants to show off my cake to his boss.

But there's some little factor I didn't tell him though, I have never made a really good Lemon Pound cake before this. Somehow I have several recipes of this cake but I have never tried them before. So I picked one recipe and made two portions of it so that I can sell one to him and the other one was for me to eat.

The recipe I used was from my Pillsbury, The Complete Book Of Baking that I got when I used to live in Honolulu many years ago (in the late 90's). I picked this recipe because it didn't use Butter but the recipe required me to use Vegetable Oil instead. And to be exact the recipe is called Lemon Delight Pound Cake. However, the recipe also use 3/4 cup of Orange Juice instead of lemon juice, and this made me wondering why though. Maybe because lemon juice is too sour compared to a freshly squeeze orange juice. But why call it Lemon Delight Pound Cake then? Why not call it Citrusy Pound Cake or something? Hmmmm!

So, I baked the cake and gave it to him and they ate it. Their comment was why wasn't it taste so lemony? In addition to their question was why the texture was not soft or moist although the recipe use oil instead of butter? However, now I have found a much better Lemon Pound Cake that use Butter and real lemon juice. And I've baked that recipe last week and the cake was moist, soft and very lemony. So I will NOT use the Pillsbury recipe anymore. Adios!

Below are the photos of my Lemon Delight Pound Cake from the Pillsbury recipe. The square one was bought by Kamizi and the round one was mine. And my final design for my Lemon Pound Cake will look something like this next time (The round cake one, lemon yellow and light turquoise color but I might change the light turquoise to a lime green color.)

For Kamizi's Colleagues Birthday:

My final design for my Lemon Pound Cake.

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