Monday, October 29, 2012

Devil's Food Cake

Been making a lot of Devil's Food Cake lately. For some reasons when I posted my new design for the cake in my and a lot of my customers started to order this cake again. And of course some of them asked me to change the design a little to suit some special occasions.

 This was my first design of my Devil's Food Cake. The Fluffy white Meringue frosting was too soft for the cake and cannot stand the hot n humid weather in Kuala Lumpur. However not many people ordered this cake maybe because it looks rather plain.

 This is my new improved design of Devil's Food Cake. I used Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream and then topped with Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate nuggets. The Swiss Meringue Buttercream and the Chocolate ganache set well on the cake and can stand long hours without refrigeration and most suitable to the scorching hot and humid weather of Malaysia.

 This is my latest design of my Devil's Food Cake. I was requested by a customer to change the design to be more colorful and children appropriate. So I changed the Chocolate Nuggets with colorful chocolate coated peanuts for the top of the cake because it has odd shapes and can stand up well and provide a good dimension to the cake design. On the side I used colorful sugar coated chocolate candies from Nestle Smarties, similar to M&M but I don't like M&M because it has those printed letters on each candy.

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