Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Totally Worth It!

Just when I thought accepting a last minute wedding cake was the last thing on my mind, somebody important called and ask me a favor. She needed a wedding cake for a local celebrity's wedding held at her establishment and her regular cake supplier was out of town and nobody else can accept her last minute wedding cake order. But reluctantly I said Yes the minute she mentioned the celebrity name. And plus her request for the wedding cake was not too much to bear and I can take a 24 hours of suffer for this. It's a win win situation!

My younger sister Fiza and I had to be up all night to finish up 3 cakes in total. It was very tiring and on top of that I had to deliver them all to the customers. During the delivery I almost got into accidents many times on the road because I was so exhausted to drive and fell asleep many times while driving. It was so dangerous, really! But after I delivered my cakes to the customers and saw how they were so happy with it, it made it all worth it.

About the design aspect of this wedding cake, I had to design something simple and not too complicated for Fiza to follow and ultimately complete this cake flawlessly. So after I covered the cake with fondant and stacked them, I quickly showed Fiza how to make the flowers. Everything went well and we were pleased with the end result.

Below is the photo of the wedding cake that belonged to Zakiah Anas and she used to be a TV host at TV3 Malaysia.

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  1. Hi Dwen!
    Love your cakes design!!
    How do i get hold of you?
    Have a request for a birthday cake tis coming Saturday.
    Can you pm me at FB, instead? My FB Id : Airin Diana