Monday, July 27, 2009

Cry Baby Cry!

Please Read "A touching msg from an old friend.." posted by Jenny at My Simple Life

Below is my reply....

Dear Cry Baby,

I find this a little bit hilarious that you would still ponder on this issue and feel such a sad victim in all these. Doesn’t mean that I didn’t feel sad or cry about what happened between us means that I am not a victim of situation like you. And it doesn’t mean that you are not mean or evil or manipulative conniving little soul just because you can disguise people with your cry-like-a-baby acting.

But naturally guys will be the bad bastards when a girl cries right? It’s kind of like the organic rules of human! Ladies first whenever the door is open, or the food is served, or escaping from a crashed plane right? So, whatever happened to the guys? We have to live with hardship and second rate treatment. And guess what, we are conditioned to live hard and not to cry like you girls. But don’t you think for once that you are better than me or deserve better of any treatment just because you PMS on monthly basis. Got it!

You only see what you want to see and seek sympathy from Cilla, Zaza and your other sympathetic friends. God knows what other version of “truth” you fed to them. And I bet all those lengthy emails and SMS that you have been sending to me, R n L were done behind Cilla’s back and I am sure she wouldn’t approve of what you did. Because what you did was just to get more sympathy and make your life sadder like a victim.

You know, over the years, I have transform from one na├»ve-little-fella to learning-the truth-little-fella to I’ve-lost-my-cool and don’t you even think about stepping on my head kind of fella. But underneath it all, I am still the same person who has grown matured and evolved to be stronger on my own.

I will always read your blogs and I keep every little emails and SMS you sent to me so that if anything you said in the future is contradicted with what you accused of me, I will make it public. Along with all your other miss-behavior emails of screaming at fellow workers and other people… I know it all. And it didn’t come from that person that you hate the most…Linda. It came from various sources and it’s shocking that you actually have a rather psychotic reputation. Get some professional help will you!

I already caught you twisted some story about someone and bad-mouthed someone else. I supposed, next time you read what I wrote to you carefully because if your English comprehension is rather average….Read the emails several times. Thank God we keep what we wrote and showed it to that someone that you twisted the story you miss-little-innocent-twisterella. And now that person understood what we wrote and understood what you trying to do. Shame on you “miss victim”. Shame shame shame!!!!

You have a great day ok…. Looking forward to read your next BLOG!

Live Free!

Gossip boy!

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