Monday, July 27, 2009

Bring It On!

Some people have just gotten bored with the dance routine and tired-ass music played week after week at some gym. Although the Head Cheerleader is so enthusiastically played her political part among the members and showed strong “Cheer-tator-ship” to fellow dancers wannabe. That air was smelling stale and pretentious last wednesday night!

Some hardcore gymnast-gone-mental cheerleaders decided to skip last night class and tried with other cheerleading group at other places. This is somewhat shocking news to some people. Maybe the HC should start giving special “Loyalty Card” to some members that undividedly supporting and religiously attending Wednesday night class and awarded them with points that can be redeemed as special treatments; namely a door-to-door transportation service perhaps? But some have just decided to boycott the class for not having similar “tune” with the HC. That is another shocking news ain’t it? Hush! Hush!

A few people sneaked out in the middle of the class for the same reasons; stale music, stale dance routine and the steps are a bit too precise. Precisions placed the “un” in front of the “fun”. Sometimes it’s not the steps but the ways the steps are carried out are too serious. It was like forcing someone to eat a bunch of Keropok Ikan that have been left out in the open for a day. That Keropok have turned stale and chewy and hard to swallow!

Here are some confessions recorded on my un-official mole-CNN’s mobile last night, “The class was no fun because I was not there!” Confessed an unnamed ex-cheerleading hardcore member. “Well, I am not going to torture myself, so I left!” Confessed another newly joined soon-to-be-mental cheerleader.

Well folks, just go and have fun will you. And don’t let anyone yell in front of your face to smile when you are supposed to be smiling anyway.

Anyhow, this is just a gossip!!!

Gossip Boy.

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