Friday, July 31, 2009

A Day In Fitness First!

CONFESSION: Lately I felt that my hard work at the gym been interrupted by many petty little things and always end up with more than a week of absent from the gym every time due to sick.

CONFESSION: I have lost my "mojo" to achieve my own personal goal at getting bulging muscles due to too much social life. Instead, my bulging is growing in my belly!

As usual, I went to the gym last night. I came quite early around 6 pm and so I started of my gym routine with talking to AO. AO is such a friendly helpful little guy who knows a lot about techniques and knew that he has the right muscles to show off. Since my attempt at growing muscles and “urrkkh ahhh!” on my own alone at every gym equipment has been fruitless. I have to seek professional or at least experienced personnel help.

AO is the only one that rings the bell and perfectly suited to be willing to share his valuable knowledge with others. Despite my eagerness and my big smiley face joking around with AO, I felt extremely awkward and embarrassed to be trained by a muscle boy. AO did his best to make me feel at ease and I managed to hide my embarrassment.

Truth is I am not used to be friendly around people that already excel at what I am just beginning to start. Let alone the motive for my friendliness is to pick their brains or more likely to steal away their knowledge. My face skin started to thicken and it felt kind of numb. Even to smile hurts my face muscle. So babbling about nonsense seemed to be naturally churned out of my mouth 5 words per second. I felt so productively pathetic!

After about an hour spent with AO, he taught me to work the muscle on my shoulder using 3 different techniques that I have never used before. I felt such an idiot and a looser through out our male muscle bonding session as I was such a Nancy couldn’t even carry a light weight dumbbell. Definitely need to do something about my energy level. Drinking those Gatorade with a touch of Steroid if I could get my hands on it will surely help! Otherwise a can or two of Red Bull will do to keep me energized in the gym.

I find it a bit ironic that I would actually yawn after several reps of metal pumping. At that stage, my eyes should be awaken like a beacon in the night sky like I just been injected with a pure caffeine extracted from 20 cups of coffee. Immediately I would hide my embarrassing yawn by pretending looking down at my shoe lace or cover my face with face towel as if I am wiping off my sweats.

Somehow, yawing in the gym sends the wrong signal to my fellow enthusiastic gym buddies (or more likely to be my gym strangers) that reflected my self as a lazy bum on my way downhill to marshmallow land and just pretending to be busy stretching my limping muscles.

If I were given $5,000 for free and choose either to become a member of a gym forever or walk the stairs to my Lipo Suction operating room. I would choose the stairs. That would save me a lot of walking and running in pain just to loose several inches of my waist size. That short stair walking exercise to the operating room will successfully take out several inches of my belly within several hours. But then again in reality, all I have is some energy to pump and no cash in my pocket. I’d better stick to my own energy for now.

To AO, thank you for spending some valuable time with me. I absolutely appreciate everything you did.


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