Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chomel My Loving Cat

Chomel was born in June 1997. I Adopted Chomel from the Hawaiian Humane Society in December 1997. Chomel is just a normal Tabby Cat. She was the first cat I adopted and I named her Chomel because she was so cute and adorable the first time I saw her. And Chomel is a Malaysian word for Cute.

Now Chomel is already 12 years old or an equivalent of a 64 years old human.

Chomel is a very independent Cat. She's seldom making any noise or scream for attention. Whenever she's real hungry, she will come to me and rub her face. Otherwise she will just go about do her thing catching insects or just sleep the whole day.

I shampoo Chomel 2 days ago to clean her up and get rid of her flea problems. And now she's all happy and smells like a petunia. Below is the portraits of Chomel.


  1. it's so nice to get to know chomel...:) God Bless...

  2. dreaming to have a cat like chomel...