Monday, December 14, 2009

Sultan My Son

A year after I adopted Chomel from the Hawaiian Humane Society, I decided to adopt Sultan on 4th December 1998. He's a Snowshoe Breed. Sultan is such an adorable and intelligent cat. He has striking blue eyes, beautiful brownish shade of fur and cute white socks on his 4 feet.

A lot of people that have seen Sultan would say that Sultan is quite a huge size cat compared to the normal Tabby. Sultan is such a smart cat and snowshoe breed are known for being easily trained. Sultan would try to reach a door knob whenever he is trapped in a room. I suppose he has been watching me doing it. But of course he doesn't know how to turn the knob though.

Sultan can be very shy to strangers and doesn't like too many changes. But whatever I do to him or take him around, as long as I am there, he'll listen and obey me. Sultan is so loyal and loving cat. He requires quite an amount of attention from me though. Sometimes if I ignore him, he'll get mad and scream at me. He can make such a loud pitchy noise. To the point that I had no choice but to attend to him before my neighbors get annoyed.

I keep all my cats at my office as I have huge space for them to live in the kitchen area and back of the kitchen is a confine open air area with high wall. I can be with my cats at least 5 days a week at the office rather than keeping them at home and only get to see them at night.

Below are the portraits of Sultan when I took him back home for a few days for shower, manicure and pedicure a few weeks ago.

Sultan likes to pose for my camera. For some reason he doesn't mind me taking his photos. He will start doing his weird poses for my photo shoots.

Sultan is eating some Durian while Cotton is watching him. Durian is his favorite fruit. Sultan will instantly knows that I brought Durian home and start asking for some.

Sultan eating with the rest of the family. From left to right... Snow(White Persian), Sultan, Chomel and Cotton, watching me taking the photo.

Sultan sleeping right next to me while Chomel(Left) and Cotton (Right) jealous of him and trying to get my attention too.

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  1. can i borrow ur Sultan? He is so cute lar...