Saturday, May 8, 2010

Change of Weather

I have always enjoyed watching Sex And The City HBO series on my DVDs. That series show a lot about the truth of life, love and relationship of single girls and boys in big cities with lots of humor to tone down the seriousness. Although that series pretty much based on women’s point of view but despite it all the issues are still real. I could relate to them all so vividly. Men or women, we are not much different at all.

Friends and families around me are all constantly going through problems and constantly battling their fate for a better life. But there are also some of us who are in control of our own life and get to choose who we want to be. These who thought in control of their lives often turned out to be cocky and proud owner of their own little souls. Little do they know that they are actually destined for the same fate as the rest of us too.

Life works in their mysterious ways. The minute we became so arrogant of who we were things started to shift, split and became a new level. The rules that we make up all these while suddenly changed and adapted to new lifestyles and options. None of the previous rules apply anymore and the things that we loathed before this suddenly become the latest trend that we live in. It is so quick how life recycle itself.

I know one guy who used to be dating blondes only and looked down on the local girls. How he would never find himself with a Malaysian girl as though these girls has contagious disease. He claimed that he didn’t want to be with any local girls because he didn’t want to be with anyone’s ex. He thinks that Local KL girls are a bunch of leftovers and go around from one relationship to another for one too many. I thought that was an ego issues on his side and not the girls’ issues.

Eventually after so many years, I could see how he has changed and “down grade” his level of preference to Asians girls. He has realized how the difference in values between Asians and Western girls started giving him problems and limit his lifestyles. The truth is how can an Asian that is full of cultures and traditional customs trying to adapt the lifestyles of the Westerners.

Physically the blondes would win the look contest but in terms of inner values, the Asians are more compatible and much easier to live with. Eventually we got use to the beauty of our own people and realize that beauty is not how good your make-up looks but how beautiful your manners are. Have we forgotten where we live? Not in a four-seasoned country but in an all year round 35 degrees temperature country with so much diverse food and cultures all around; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Another truth to be told is relationship is not about finding the right look for our eyes to feast. By the end of the day it all comes down to chemistry and how we could get along with the other person as a lover. What we want doesn’t apply anymore in the matter of love. Pretty much who we end up with and how can we make it work.

It feels good to see a friend that used to think so highly on the western people now changed his perceptions towards Malaysians and having a relationship with a Malay girl who he’s proud to call a girl friend in front of all our friends. Although the terms girlfriend often used loosely when he say it and sometimes he stills trying to make it a though it was the girlfriend who was so eager to label themselves, I forgive him for being that way. Eventually he will be less in denial.

I suppose people change in so many levels and it’s just a matter of time when they are going to change.

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