Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wild Flowers & Animals in My Village

I see this white star flower grow pretty much everywhere near my house.

I saw this fern growing everywhere around my house. Especially in a shaded cool rocky grown.

I saw this tiny little butterfly flying from one flower to another in the bushes. The actual size of this butterfly is about 1.5 cm only.

I saw this flower all around somebody's fence in my village. It could be the flower of some kind of a bitter gourd.

Another flower I saw growing wild in the bushes. I am sure this flower was introduced here and might have come from another place.

Wild Morning Glory flower. Blueish in color.

As I was walking around my house, I saw a Lizard about 2 feet long, walking around the bushes looking for food. I couldn't get a closer shot as it was afraid of me and might run away.

Giant Squirrel, Yellowish Gold in Color about the size of house cat. It was too high on the Langsat tree right next to my house. My camera cannot zoom so far away. This is the best shot I could get of it.

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