Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Outing with Mak & Sis!

For the longest times, my mom has been meaning to ask me if I could take her out for dinner and such. I am such a selfish son never even bother to ask if she needs anything at all.

After been told by my sis about my mom's wish, I took them to Dinner at Bangi on the 1st of August, to eat Satay and after that I brought them to the Festival Flora at Putrajaya 2009.

I was a little bit disappointed with the Floral Show at Putrajaya because the walking path around the exhibition area were not wheel-chair friendly. I couldn't push my mom to a lot of the places.

To think that we could come out with such grand flower show equivalent of an international exhibitions and cost millions of tax payer's money and they couldn't even get the pathways right and forgot the physically challenged citizens. I wonder who actually responsible for designing the landscape layout of the whole exhibition. They shouldn't be used again next year!

By 9.00 pm, we were so tired and sweaty after walking around the exhibition. I bought mom some KFC to take home. And we reached home about 9.30pm.

It was a great day with my mom! I am happy to have been able to take her out to see the world.

I love you mom!