Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sudoku Book is a Cake!

A friend gave me a challenge recently, she asked me to make a Sudoku Book Cake for her Mom's birthday. The rest of the details for the cake was up to my creativity except the cake has to be a Vanilla Butter Cake, moist and not overly sweet.

So I did the fondant Sudoku Book cake and when I first showed this cake on my Instagram account, some friends thought it was a real book. I thought that was a compliment for my work though and I was so happy.

My main thing when I design anything at all and for the past almost 10 months are all about cake designing, I want them to be neat and show a clean decisive idea and not cluttered or messy. This is just my style in designing cakes. And I was pleased with the end result. Below is the Fondant Sudoku Book Cake.

1 comment:

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