Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chocolate, Vanilla & Rose Wedding Cake

I love getting a wedding cake order from a bride who knows what she wants. She asked for a 5-tier wedding cake but her budget has a limit. So instead of doing all 5-tiers with real cakes, I suggested to her that two of the tiers to be dummy cakes. So she decided to let first bottom tier and the last on top to be the dummy cakes.

The next thing she had to decide was that what flavor should be the cakes? After a long discussions back and forth, she decided with Devil Foodcake aka chocolate for the 2nd tier, Vanilla for the 3rd tier and Rose flavor for the 4th tier. And just to make the cake more interesting, I put some pink color for the Rose Flavor so that it looks pretty when she cut it into pieces for the guests and left vanilla flavor to the natural yellowish butter color.

Third discussions we had about the cake was that at first I thought I had to stacked the 5 tier cakes. But then she wanted to use fresh roses flowers to decorate her cake so she asked me if I could use pillar for the cake. So I changed it to Pillared 5-tier cake and filled up in between the tiers with fresh red roses. And to make this square cake more interesting, I put some kind of texture on the cake so it looks more contemporary and interesting.

However about the color of the frosting, at first I promised her to make the cake into ombre peach color, darker peach in the bottom and lightest at the top. But during the production of the frosting, in the middle of the night before the wedding day, the frosting that we had been making was not enough and I ran out of butter to make the frosting so I changed the color to one color tone only, light peach.

After the wedding she called me and said that she was very pleased with her wedding cake and everybody loved the cake and said that they were so delicious. I was so happy to hear such a comment from a happy customer.

And below is how the cake looked like.

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