Thursday, August 6, 2009


When I first went to FF Maxis, never in my right mind that I was planning to make friends with people or make enemy with anyone. But one thing led to another, shits start to happen. Why? Because, I open myself for new possibilities and believed that there are good things out there for me.

The true confession is I never really put priority to make friends with people. I always felt that I am happier by myself and with my existing set of friends. I always feel like the more people I know, the more complicated my life will be. And it’s true!

I cannot turn back time now and pretend that nothing happened. The situations with J (The desperate Black-Widow) and Z (The Hobbit-Oprah of Middle Earth) have gotten sour and now rotten. I could care less how good they rate themselves or how much lemmings that follow their fat asses. But it is surely entertaining to watch how they flock together in the gym with big silly smiles. God knows how much effort they put to ignore my existence among them breathing the same stale air in that gym.

But another true confession is I wish I didn’t know them at all in the first place. Woulda, shoulda, coulda, means its' too late now! They are just a bunch of counterfeit Monet paintings that deteriorating over time on your wall. You just need to watch them from far and away because if you come near them with a magnifying glass, all you see is just a bunch of ugly blotted of colors that doesn’t make sense and make your eye soar.

I think this is the time for me to throw these poison apples in the trash bin and let them rot and eaten by the rats.

Live Free!


  1. Narrow down the circle of friends..... remain the "QUALITY" friends you have now....

    You could be better... You deserve good things

  2. Thank you Derrick and I am doing it now...

  3. Nice to meet you anyway...

    My pleasure...

    Good English & waiting for more updates...