Friday, August 7, 2009

GOSSIP BOY: Tsskkk! Tsskkk! Tsskkk!

News travel so fast nowadays! With internet only a click away in our iPhone and Blackberry, we get to find out the juiciest news about our own back side only a few second travels from Susan to Cindy to Mike to Jane and back to me.

I heard that Z(Hobbit-Oprah of Middle Earth) deleted my sweet buddy L, R and J from her precious little Facebook friend list. L was a little bit sad by Z’s action for about 10 seconds. Nope, cut the zero and leave the 1 second only.

And then L was all smiling and said, “Aku tak rugi apa pun, ada aku kesah!”

Then my Sweetheart friend W from overseas sent me a short message said that J (Desperate Black-Widow) has made her lousy Blog into a Private Blog upon invitation only. Then I said…..”Aku tak rugi apa pun, ada aku kesah!”

Another sad gossip: I was told by someone that Z was really over confident doing her BJ class last Wednesday night with fewer followers than the week before. I counted! A friend asked me why I didn’t attend her dance-dance-dance the night away class. So I spoke the truth about the whole thing to him.

Z’s class is “syok sendiri” and if someone wanted to use her BJ class as a torturing device to kill me, they will succeed. I will surely die of boredom and a severe eyesore watching her believing what a fabulous little hobbit she is. So sad!

A little shout out to some friends….I supposed now the wind has changed. It’s time to migrate to the Friday BJ class and have fabulous times. I heard Z goes to that class too but as a follower. Errrmmmm! Suspicious! Spying and doing some un-official political act is more likely.

Z confessed to R buddy of mine long ago: “Dik, kat gym ni akak kena pandai politik sikit dik!” Proven guilty as charged!

But on the other hand, joining another BJ class will help Z to loose some of those fatty love handles around her waist, thunder thighs and everywhere there’s skin. A word of advice to Z, cut down your Nasi Lemak at Old Town from 2 plates at one time to 0 plate ok. There are other foods to eat too. Look at the menu again!

Tsskkkkk! Tssskkkk! Tsskkkk!


  1. wahhh...a lot of fatty love handles? a mother? or single? such a looser to have a lot of fatty love handles when you're not even a mother yet..huhu..

  2. Hhahaha... Good Point...Actually Nope! She's still single and love Nasi Lemaks!

  3. Nasi Lemaks with "s"..... sound different


  4. Nasi Lemaks with "s" is to emphasize the extra Fat in it. Huhu!