Tuesday, August 18, 2009

(No Bins + Less Worker = Profit)= UNCIVILIZED

As I am growing older in this city of mine, I noticed how fast we have grown. Seemed like it was just yesterday, I was waiting for a bus at Bandar Tasik Selatan to go to SOGO, KL. At that time, MRR2 Highway was probably still in the KIV files in some KL town planning office.

It was just this normal single road with trees and green grass along the road side. Big different now, even a 3-lane highway is still not enough to sustain thousands of cars with traffic jam to deal with everyday day on top of that.

There were no LRT around KL until the National Sports Complex at Bukit Jalil completed for the XVI Commonwealth Games in 1998. It was a huge deal to all of us and how modern we have become. I am so proud to be Malaysian and never otherwise. Mahathir sure did so much gazillion things to Malaysia’s success.

Nowadays, LRT is pretty much my main public transportation; dependable, air conditioned, cheap, on-time, clean and air-conditioned. Did I mention air-conditioned twice? Yup I did! With Malaysia’s weather is so fucking hot nowadays, I just cannot stand it sometimes. Is it just me or the weather really is hotter lately?

No wonder shopping malls are always filled with people wondering around not because they really want to shop or dine at restaurants or going to movies, but because shopping mall is like an outdoor activities that is indoor outside their houses that doesn’t feel like we are torturing ourselves trying to loose weight in saunas.

And then there’s this enticing and creative window display that bewitching us subconsciously to walk in the boutiques and the next thing we know, the plastic card already made it to the cashier paying with the money we don’t posses for the things we don’t need. It is all a conspiracy to trap people in the world of economics. And the retailers have the license to do so.

Back to my LRT, more and more people are using the service and one should experience what a pack little sardine can it is at the rush hour times in the morning. I for one lucky enough to avoid such experience as I am working on my own and my office located on the suburb area.

However I often take LRT to the city center for my business meetings, banking, buying supplies, social functions, shopping and many other chores. I couldn’t help but wonder though as the LRT is making more and more profits after so many years in operations, why aren’t they adding more wall mounted fans?

It only takes 5 minutes of walking for the heat to make me sweat profusely and not to mention walking up and down the stairs at the LRT stations and then wait for another 10 to 20 minutes for the train to come. By the time I reached my seat in the train, I am already dehydrated due to unstoppable sweat in the hot sunny day.

Every time I got stuck at the LRT station, Masjid Jamek for example, during rush hour between 5.00 pm to 7pm, there were huge concentrations of people standing bum to bum under a wall mounted fans. Haven’t they (LRT) figured out yet that these fans are very essential in giving people comfort while waiting for the train to arrive? Is it too much to ask?

With the increasing number of people commuting with LRT, I have also realized the increasing number of plastic wrappers, plastic bottles, i.e. assortments of earth- damaging trash, been thrown around. But then I was awakened like an electric shocked to the fact that there are actually very-very few trash bins anywhere. It’s like litter litter everywhere, not a bin to find!

I know what they are up to actually! They want to reduce the number of imported 3rd world country cleaning workers working on each LRT platforms. To them, by taking out all the trash bins off the LRT platforms will reduce the number of people throwing away trash at their bins. Thus, no bins around, less worker needed! No Bins + Less Worker = PROFIT.

The truth is, if the trash didn’t end up in their trash bins, they will end-up on the train track, the grounds, roads, side-walks, our drainage systems and eventually being push by the rain to our river. By the end of the day, all our ecological system got fucked-up just because there were no trash bins at LRT stations.

It’s the cycle of life! When we (the corporation) decided to be greedy and selfish, our Mother Nature always end-up taking the fall. To think that we have become smarter and civilized doesn’t really mean anything actually. Mother Nature -(No Bins + Less Worker = PROFIT) = UNCIVILIZED.

Where have all the civilizations gone? They are just bricks and metals and lack of humanity.


  1. Sweetheart, you should come here and see how's our MRT was operated. The links are very2 much convenience. About the bins, yes there're no bins at MRT station here. Littering around? You will be fined! Think you can't be catch by the authority? You're wrong. There's CCTV everywhere at the MRT station.

    So conclusion your No Bins + Less Worker = PROFIT is right! It's not end of the world but think positively it's to decipline the commuters.

  2. I agree Wahizah... That is the point they are trying to do here!They used to have trash bins everywhere.... But then I haven't been everywhere in the world yet to compare.

    I just felt like my convenience being taken away by the minute to feed the corporation with more profits and less customer services.

    By the end of the day they just collect all the cash they could from us and no one responsible for anything anymore except us as tiny consumers.

    Corporations are growing stronger and even when they are about to collapse due to bad economy, the government rescue them with billions of $$$. What happen to us little people....vanish in the wind. We the small businesses, "bungkus" like nasi lemak basi by the end of the day.

    Wahizah, LRT in Malaysia is nothing like MRT in Singapore. MRT in Singapore probably the best in the world. And here they don't provide any facilities for disabled people at all. If you are blind, deft and mute is OK! You can still walk! But if you are on a wheel-chair or on a walking stick.....Forget it! You are out of luck here.

    They put stairs with no lift in many of the LRT stations. I wonder though.... Did they forgot to install all these facilities or they were in tight budget and the disabled people are not important or they simply forget that there are disabled people in Malaysia???

    Suck isn't it!!!