Wednesday, August 12, 2009

GOSSIP BOY: Celah Bedah!!!

Sometimes in order for us to avoid from drowning in the sea of people, one has to swim up the most creative detestable gestures imaginable.

But before we get to that….

Confession: Mostly, I would download all my fascinating, interesting, fun shocking bits and pieces of malicious gossips when I ease-dropping at a public hang-out area, i.e. at a juice bar in a gym drinking my hot green tea reading my newspaper repeatedly while my headphones stuck in my ears playing nothing. Uhh! Huhh! You heard me! My iPod Touch was actually on a pause mode the whole time I was there.

Yup! I was gathering data. In a slightly more professional term, I was doing an investigative-spying like a desperate little reporter trying to meet deadline for some scandalous-juicy-tabloids on your supermarket aisle near the cashier counter.

No! I lied! I am not that desperate! But scandalous makes us smirk!

Back to the main issue, do we need to lower our self respect in order to advance our career as a popular dance instructor (ultimately) while the permanent professional instructor is on a long leave?

I have stopped my self from going to her class because I have realized that I was doing it all for the wrong reason. I was there just to annoy her! Initially, me and my 3 buddies who now has been deleted off her phone book, were going to her class wearing identical “Smiley Cheer-up” Giordano t-shirts. She despised my attendance in her class (so I heard) and that gives me the more reason to be there and tip her off with my lack of enthusiasm dancing mode of an entry level Dance Lesson 101.

Eventually, I have noticed that my existence in her class makes that sweaty hot dance studio crowded and send the wrong signal to the people outside the class that she could be an excellent, fun instructor that everyone should join. Oh! No! That’s not what I want!

Thus, I quit her little joint and “lepak” at the juice bar watching eager-muscle-gymmers drinking 100Plus and turn on my radar for juicy details.

Word has it that “Flashdance”-instructor here gave a birthday gift to some boy that she was not really close and now made that boy’s best friend AM annoyed! Seemed to me like she is trying to fish some new friends! But with the wrong fella and wrong gesture!

She didn’t even give R anything when she was organizing a little surprise birthday dinner for R at Bubba’s Gump last June. I mean, she was supposed to be really close to R at that time and very eager to please R. R got something from each and everyone of us but not from her. Weird!

And now, she gave AM’s best friend a birthday gift when in the first place she and AM are not in a hugs and kisses kind of friendship but more like a pat on a shoulder kind of friendship. Envious and territorial of each other! Her motive is questionable indeed! But who cares what the book says about her when we can read the “cover headline” in neon lights. Right!

I find it very opportunist to just give her not-so-good friend’s good friend a gift that doesn’t really matter when she didn’t even care for her own friend, R. Seems like she’s trying to “celah bedah” herself in to other people’s territory.

Well, good luck to ya! Be careful though, you might get yourself into a catfight someday. Kitty likes to scratch!

Personally I would prefer to watch you in a mud-wrestling. That would be something to cheer about!

Go Z go! Go Z go! Go Z go!


Live Free!

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