Friday, August 21, 2009


Kamizi is so high-tech nowadays and this is so not typical of him. He has this electronic contraption branded GARMIN Navigator the “talking” GPS Electronic Map.

Oh! The relief I have for not having to do anything but to sit comfortably next to him in the car, enjoying the ride is so magnificently welcomed. Otherwise, I would have been stuck trying to decipher a map, the symbol legends and the distance, up side down for directions in Penang.

We get to choose what language we want for Garmin Navigator to communicate to us. Each language comes with the name of the person that “speaks” to us. I thought that was kind of funny!

So we chose British English as the communication dialect because it is easier to understand and DANIEL is the name of the person that “talks” to us.

Daniel would say, “drive another 500 meters and then turn left to Jalan Burma!” or “please stick to the designated route!” or “you have arrived at Golden Sands Resort!”

Sometimes, Daniel cannot figure out what route we took because the road has been changed and it is not in his system. So Daniel would say, “re-calculating new distance!” or something like that.

But all in all, Daniel is like a new best friend that everyone must have in their cars when travelling to unfamiliar places. Because Daniel’s sole purposes is just to get you from point A to point B without having argued with your travelling companion about left or right, forward or stop when the place we are going to is actually right under our nose.

Daniel reduced our travelling time and distance. We got to our destinations painlessly and quick. We surely love having Daniel stuck on Kamizi's car windshield telling us where to go, where to turn and when to stop. Many thanks to Kamizi who had redeemed his thousands of Maybank credit card points to Daniel the GARMIN Navigator.

With Daniel, you can never get pissed off at anything because if you are too stupid to follow his directions, which we did several times, he will keep giving a new route every time you screw up and make a wrong turn until we finally reach the destination.

It is quite brilliant indeed! (with Daniel’s British accent).

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