Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding is one of the easiest dessert that anyone could make or at least this is what I thought before. Until I have to bake one for someone who is willing to pay for it. And therefore no room for trial and error. It has got to be perfect! But this simple dessert really put me to a test yesterday.

So I looked back into my recipe book and look at my little notes of what I have done before. Frankly, most of my recipes are taken from American cook books. But every time I made anything from my American recipe books, somehow they are always too sweet. Most of the times either cake, frosting or any dessert recipes, I will have to cut down at least half a cup of sugar. It is weird that I have to cut down this much of sugar to get the taste to a normal sweetness. I couldn't help but wonder, is this really the sweetness level of general American people? Diabetes much?

So going back to my Bread Pudding, I decided to make the one that I have done several months ago and this one required me to use whipping cream and not milk. My rule of thumb of eliminating problems and complaints is to always use a really good quality ingredients. And therefore the result and taste will be the best and there'll be less dispute of quality after that. It will be the worst complaint if my customer spit out my frosting because I used Margarine or that stupid butter-wannabe Buttercup brand. It happened before and I learned my lesson the humiliating way. Never again. Nowadays I will either only use pure imported butter such as Anchor butter and whipping cream from New Zealand or Tartura butter and cream cheese from Australia.

So for the whipping cream I used a quite expensive Anchor Whippping Cream. The cost really affected the price that I was going to charge my customer. In my opinion, simple dessert like this shouldn't cost so much because its quite simple to make. But I explained briefly to my customer that I used expensive and good quality product and luckily she didn't say anything. At least for now! And I truly hope she liked it and that the ingredients speak for itself.

This 8"x8"x2" aluminium container is just perfect for my one portion recipe and this container comes with a clear plastic cover. Makes it look so neat and clean.

My Bread Pudding comes with a really yummilicious Vanilla Sauce but I didn't take the photo of it. That Vanilla Sauce also I have to reduce the sugar and add more whipping cream inside to balance the thickness. Somehow the original recipe was pretty screw up. 

My bread pudding up close and personal. It looks pretty good to me.

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