Saturday, July 7, 2012

White Snowy Coconut Cake

Coconut is such a tropical fruit. The fragrant smell of coconut is so intoxicating that it will reminds you the last beach vacation you had. I am such a cake lover but I hardly see a lot of varieties for Coconut flavor desserts and cakes.

I have been keeping this idea for a Coconut cake for quite sometimes now and finally last week I came out with a recipe of my own with Coconut as the dominant flavor. The basic for this cake is just a White Cake so it is quite easy to turn such a plain cake into another hit of delectable dessert. When I made it, I know that I wanted it to look so white and frothy and almost like a cloud. So I decided to use a white fluffy frosting made from egg whites, sugar and light corn syrup. The result from this frosting is so perfect to serve the idea that I had. But the only problem is once the cake is frosted, it must be consumed immediately for best result.

The white color from the frosting brings out the gorgeous taste of coconut in the cake and so I named it WHITE SNOWY COCONUT CAKE.

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