Sunday, July 8, 2012

My PAVLOVA Evolutions

Ever since I started selling my cakes to friends and friends's friends, request for uncommon desserts just pouring in. And Pavlova is one of them desserts that is so rare to be seen sold at bakeries around KL. 

To tell the truth I know what Pavlova is and I have seen it many times before. But I have never eaten one or made one myself. However since there were orders for Pavlova from my customers, I figure might as well learn how to bake it. How hard could it be right? Well, it's kind of hard! 

The first time I made it the Pavlova came out okay, but since I have never made one and there's no teacher around to tell me whether it's good or bad, I decided to bake another one. Then I realized the first one I baked was the better one and I sold my very first Pavlova to my customer and she loved it. And I ate the second one, the bad one with a bunch of friends and they loved it too. 

Below (pictures 1 to 3) are my first Pavlova (with Strawberries, Blueberries n Kiwis) that I sold to a customer a while back. The one with Cherries on top (Pictures 4 to 6) was made yesterday for a customer and she loved it too and regretted that she didn't order 2 of it. 






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