Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Story of My RED VELVET

It is unquestionable at this point that Red Velvet is my most popular cake. There is something about Red Velvet that is so appealing to a lot of cake lovers out there. If you ask me, the ingredients for Red Velvet is just a bunch of common things that we normally eat such as eggs, flour, oil, cocoa powder, baking soda, vanilla, white vinegar, and food coloring. But somehow the proportionate combination of the ingredients makes Red Velvet such a wonderful tasty cake. I can pretty much eat this cake everyday and not getting tired of it.

When I first made this cake, I knew that this cake is popular but I have no idea that this cake is that popular. So I started to play around in creating the look of my very own Red Velvet. So below are some of the Red Velvet cake from the first time I made them to the most recent one.

My First Red Velvet. Too white and too plain.

 My second Red Velvet, I put some color on top but seem kind of not enough and too ordinary looking.

 My third design of Red Velvet, still kind of plain although I sprinkle it with some Red-colored sugar to add some creative effect. Somehow still too plain looking for me.

 A customer requested me to create something a bit more colorful for her and this is what I did. Hmmmm! Sigh! But she loved it though. Thank god!

Finally, I managed to create the look that I really like for my Red Velvet. Yeahhhhh!

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