Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Classic Carrot Cake I Love

So finally I bake a carrot cake a few days ago. I can't even remember when was the last time I bake one though. So this time I had to figure out a new recipe for my carrot cake. The original recipe required me to use Pecan nuts but of course this is just an option and since pecan is so darn RM 82.90 per KG. I might as well use the nuts that I like better and cheaper like Walnuts which is only RM 48.00 per KG.

And I have been meaning to make some fondant decorative thing for my cake and Carrot Cake is the best opportunity. So I made these miniature carrots from Fondant and it makes the cake looks cute. And this carrot cake recipe is quite good and moist too, although I had to change a few things in the recipe as I find it a bit wrong, such as the flour content was a bit less so I add another 1/2 cup to the recipe and reduce 1/4 cup of sugar. And the cake came out like a winner. I loved it!

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