Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Rainbow Cake To Cheer My Day

Rainbow cake is such a fascinating looking cake. Somehow the colors really makes the average Butter Cake taste a lot better and become the talk of the town. I have been making so many Rainbow Cakes before this but just a few weeks ago I realized I have been putting double the amount of butter in the cake than I was supposed to.

So when I made the cake this time, somehow it become less moist and less soft. I got the recipe from a renowned Chef from the USA. I won't reveal what recipe I use for my Rainbow Cake but anyone can just Google Rainbow Cake recipes on the internet and you'll get one. There are just so many versions of the recipes. However, in my quest to become a perfect baker I must first satisfied with my own Rainbow Cake. Or maybe I should start experimenting with several different recipes. Too lazy though and too much effort. Sigh!!

In KL, lots of my customers prefer to order the half size of the actual cake. Meaning I cut the recipe in half and make it into a smaller cake. It's cheaper and for a small group of people, this half size is convenient and just enough. However the small little problem that I got from baking this small cake is that the challenge to make it as moist and as soft as the original full size.

At this point I prefer to just make this cake in full size only. This way I can be sure of the "Satisfaction Guaranteed" motto. Moist and Soft cake will make anyone happy. Dry and hard is a complaint guaranteed. No No No!!!

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