Tuesday, September 1, 2009

LOVE is friendship!

People say that life is a series of good and bad choices that we have been making along the journey. With that said and done and put out in a platter in front of us, what’s done is gone. What’s gone is history. What’s history should not repeat itself. And what’s coming can be planned.

Nobody can say what, where or how when it comes to love. There are lots of things to define love and there are many clues and clear open attentions that describe what friendship is supposed to be between two good pals or among many people.

I for one have seen a lot of mess happened between two good friends. I have seen things went really wild and unexpected. I have seen the strongest heart failed and cried to their knees. I have seen many hurtful things stabbed at each other with just words.

I have realized because of love, friendship crumbled. But we failed to recognize that friendship is also love.

Where did it all go wrong? Usually we found out when it’s too late. Open and direct communication is very essential in keeping both sides understand of each other. Sometimes being silence when one expects an answer is the best answer to replace any words. Because silence open up our mind and think without hurting each other with wrong words and misinterpretation.

I have read the blogs of used-to-be-closed someone I know, Miss J and Miss C. Well, I would never expect that a newfound love from a stranger would shake the boat of these two pals. But must I remind them that their boat is not yet capsized but shaken by a strong wave.

Life is full strong waves and one must be ready to paddle when it hits.

One thing that I see in Miss C is she’s such a loyal friend. I see that Miss C always gave her reasoning about life to Miss J in such a subtle and matured way. Never frantic nor havoc! I just hope it would not go too far and mutated to an unfavorable controlling little virus who wants to see her friend lives the certain way only. I doubt that would happen!

But what I see happening is something I don’t want to see happening between my friends and I. I would always want my friends to support me in every way. Sometimes the rule of “my way or the highway” does not apply to everyone. In some cases, people become rebel the minute they see control or change.

However, we as an understanding friends must really understands what more important than anything else. Do not run away from your troubled friends. We just stand beside them until we are needed or until they decided to ask for an opinion, a shoulder to cry on or something bigger, a helping hand.

I don’t really know exactly what happened between Miss J & Miss C, but whatever they are facing it shouldn’t be something that would drag their friendship and love for each other on the chopping block. It’s not worth it!

I heard this word a while back. It sounded something like this…..”do not take for granted the one diamond that we have when we are too busy collecting stones”

Friendship is always something that we fall back when love with new ones failed. Just remember that friendship is a different kind of love that last a lot longer than life itself.


  1. Bravo!! I love this blog. Beautiful & meaningful words.

    I agree with you, 'Friendship is a different kind of love that last a lot longer than life itself'.

    Remember our friendship that way, sweetheart!!

  2. Thank you Sweet Heart!

    I know you would agree with me!

    I will remember about us always!

  3. so hargai lah kawan yg kita ada... hehehe...