Wednesday, September 9, 2009

.........people judge, sabotage, and doing some bad..........

"Dear Blog,

It had been long time since my last story. I don't want to express what i feel thru blog previously coz....i know somehow, it kind of sad to know that some people judged, sabotaj & doing some bad things to us by reading the blog and not trying to understand what actually happened and what actually the writer felt. That's what happened to me past few months ago. The person still reading my blog actually and still keep 'kacau'ing...people 's privacy until today. I hope he/she will understand truely by now..I had suffered enough. And if they still have God beside them, i'm sure they will know what to do or not what to do..inside other people 's blog site."

To the girl that wrote the above quotes….

First of all, yes you are full of DRAMAS. I can label u as a Drama Queen from H… now. But you know that already and you don’t need my confirmation at all.

Ohhh! By the way, yes! People judge! But please don’t flatter yourself. Nobody is sabotaging you with anything. I bet you did it to yourself with stupidity and dramas.

Second of all, if you don’t want people to know about your pathetic little life soap opera, try not to write it in your blog. There will be a lot of people out there reading your blog and I am one of them.

Well, it is kind of fascinating and entertaining to know your drama. But to tell you the truth, we truly felt kind of sorry for you. And we truly hope things work out between the 3 of you. And I did write a blog about you and your best friend titled “Love Is Friendship”. I dedicated that whole blog just for you.

But you probably don’t care or got the wrong meaning about what I am trying to say. Not that it matters to me or you. But since I and my friends has been label so called enemy to you and your friends, everything that we do just seem kind of bad spirited and mean. This is untrue and wrong! You are missing the points!

Thirdly, when you write a blog that means you just made your private life become a public knowledge. You can’t blame or stop people for reading or writing something in relation to your blog.

Commenting and quoting other people’s blog is a common thing in blogging. Blogging is supposed to get people to read, react, think and comment. If you expect nothing of your viewers, then you should write a diary instead. Not a Blog!

Please, don’t talk about how bad is your suffering with all of us. It’s like your suffering is more accountable than my suffering? Where did you get that idea? Some of us learn to control ourselves and learn to survive but unlike some of you who only mope and pointing fingers.

Maybe instead of saying “what can I do?” you should just stand up and do things.

But then again, deep down inside of you, I know you love drama so much because that’s what you are a drama queen craving for attentions.

Sorry babe, I just couldn’t help myself… This is too much fun!


  1. wow!!!! Drama Queen! hmmmm...sweetheart, don't educate ppl who do not want to learn. Learn from their own mistake. Love to say 'what can i do?' ohhhh...poor ppl huh..hey u ppl out one wants to know the problems what we want to know is the SOLUTIONS! haizzz...anyways sweetheart u're the best! love to read your blog!

  2. actually, i love drama... so hot.... hehehe...