Friday, September 18, 2009

Once Upon A Time.......

We hear how families, friends and people we know diagnosed with uncured diseases all the times. The minute we heard the news we became numb and speechless. The magnitude of shock that hit us was just too huge to bear.

Life is never fair to all of us and never promised anything easy. Sometime, a non-smoker, non-alcohol drinker, strict organic food consumer are still end up with the worst bad news ever of sickness from their GP. These fatal diseases came without warning or signs.

The calculation is so way off sometimes and don’t add up at all but still we end up with the same bad luck. Where did we go wrong?

Sometimes we know that our lifestyles already promised us something bad in the later life but never got it. There were many times also where we are punished for the obvious lifestyles that we have such as smoking and cancer, has become so synonym with each other.

Despite the strict warning from the health department, we still smoke cigarettes night and day. Unstoppable, guiltless and fearless!

Promiscuous lifestyle is another disaster in the making for anyone who is not careful. Despite the availability of “rubber” everywhere, we still neglect ourselves for the protection it offered. It only took one mistake to fuck our lives a lifetime with sickness and shame. It’s funny how we would gamble a lifetime of healthy living with a 15 minute of pleasure.

Nothing promises us anything anymore though. If you don’t end up with cancer or HIV or H1N1, we are at high risk with so many other diseases. One might as well choose which disease they prefer to have instead of surprised with one.

We often wish that we woulda, coulda, shoulda when everything is too late. The perfect life that we dreamed of has become a fairy tale that started with once upon a time when we tell.

There’s only one thing we could do though, we must learn to accept our fate and deal with problems as they come and make the best of everything.

Life is too short to be angry to ourselves, other people or God all the times.

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