Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My MASTERS DEGREE in Overnight!

It had always been my dream to go back to the university to continue my education. I didn’t know how it all started but I ended up in the UITM Shah Alam in just a blink of an eye.

On the first day of my backed-to-school day I decided to go out for a jogging. I didn’t have to get involve with any orientation activities with the undergraduate students because I am a Masters student. I felt so relieved and free of being tortured by senior students doing stupid airhead stuff. So different this time!

Without wasting my time on a fine late afternoon, I walked out of my dorm building and took a scenic view route of the whole campus. I realized how the campus has changed and developed so much since 18 years ago I was there.

I was in my white sleeveless t-shirt and Oh-my-God…… I didn’t realize that after I was jogging for about 1 KM, I was wearing a pair of shorts that was shorter than my own boxer. No wonder my feet felt so light and airy. What was wrong with me? Shit!

Have my excitement to jog around campus to breathe the fresh air of the hill side of UITM surrounded by students carrying books, laptops, back packs and T-Rulers clouded my ability to choose a descent conservative leg-covering long jogging pants that bear Adidas on the side?

To run back to my dorm and change would definitely make people notice and make me look stupid. But, I was wearing such a hot pant here. Richard Simmons, the famous aerobic fag-guru from hell would cry with blood tears seeing me wearing such a daring, crying-for-attention statement hot pants. I felt like a star, but in a very very very wrong way!

Arrrkkhhhh!!! What should I do here? I’ve lost my mind already and definitely cannot enjoy the jog and the views anymore. Suddenly felt so self-conscious and afraid to run around in my big-mistake choice of jogging shorts.

Immediately my face felt so numb for having put myself in such stupid situation. I am so gullible and easily distracted. I put a grasp on myself to just keep running with confidents. Then I started seeing boys and girls were looking at me. Worst! They were pointing fingers at me too with giggles and evil eyes.

What should I do? I am too far to go back to my dorm. But to keep running around the campus was not near either. Either way I am fucked!

I had to make an executive decision here and decided to make a turn. At least only the same students will see me again when taking the same route back. With confident and poise, I made a turned. After running for about 15 minutes, I realized the whole scenery has changed and the buildings looked unfamiliar.

Eh! Wait a minute! Suddenly I felt like in a Twilight Zone. Extremely confused! Where the fuck is this? So I decided to go into one of the building and thank God there were a reception counter there. I walked up to the counter with embarrassment trying to cover my sexy legs and pushing my short shorts down as it kept riding up my ass.

Then I heard a boy whispered to the girl next to him in that room. “Who does he think he is? Jessica Simpsons?” Ohhhh! The shame I felt of this horrible experienced was beyond my imaginations. This is worse than any nightmare I ever had.

I ran away from that reception counter and walked up the stairs nearby it. Somehow I ended in a huge shower room. The shower room seemed so weird. Seemed very old! There was no one there. There was something eerie about this whole place. I got goose bumps!

I got lost and couldn’t find my way out. God help me!

Then I heard someone screaming at me. I couldn’t figure out what he or she said to me. I started to look for the voice as it seemed like it was talking to me.

Even though I just kept walking in circle at my lost of direction I can hear the voice sounded clearer and clearer.

Then the whole mystery made sense…..The voice came from my sister, “Duan bangun, sahur lah!”

Oh my God!!!! I was having a dream!

Fucking A!!!!!!!


  1. buat suspen je, excited tadi baca... mimpi rupanya...

  2. Mimpi betul tau...bukan buat-buat...

  3. hahaha..lawak2..igtkan betul2 tadi..nsb baik la mimpi kan.. :)