Thursday, September 3, 2009


Stands for F my life!

Today I started my day with joy and eagerness. I slept at 11pm last night and woke up for “sahur” at 3am. At 6.20am, I woke up again for shower, solat and went to work at 7am.

By 8.00am, I felt sleepy again and took a 1 hour transit on a couch in my office room until 9am.

Help Fiza, Lynn & Ita cleaned the kitchen and killed hundreds of big smelly cockroaches. The cockroaches literally flying around in front of us and we had to spray them with Bygone for so much that we felt we were spraying ourselves to death as well. FML

At 1pm went to KL.

First stop, NOKIA service center at BGI building across from Berjaya Times Square. I collected my NOKIA 6500 Slide mobile phone at the counter. Guess what! They fixed the wrong thing on my phone. They replaced the battery cover. When I checked the phone, the memory card was still can’t be read. Then I had to buy a new set of battery. I ended up spent RM301. The actual cost should have been RM238.00 only. And I still cannot have back my phone. They have to do more repair work. FML

Second stop, Maybank KL Main and HSBC, AMBank, UOB, RHB and MBB at Lebuh Ampang. Guess what! I was stuck at Berjaya Times Square because of heavy windy rain. I had no umbrella! So all the important chores was postponed! I went to KL for nothing. FML

I got back to my office by 4.00pm. I have to return the car keys to Fiza. I have to use her car to run my chores everyday but going home with my friend on a motorcycle.

My own car is in Chevrolet Service Center in PJ and has to be there for a month.I may not get it back in time before raya. FML

Meanwhile, I am carless as good as broken feet, asking for free rides from anyone! FML

Last stop, going home! Waiting for my friend to come and pick me up with his motorcycle. By now, my energy level already reached critical stage and I am moodless now. I am as good as vegetables!

Now, all I want to do is…..

“Sabarkan diri, rasa menyendiri, aman dan sepi”

“PENAT dengan...........”

“Buat benda yang tak menjadi”
“Menunggu benda yang tak siap”
“Membayar benda yang tak dibaiki”
“Menghabiskan masa dengan benda kosong”



  1. my dearest abg,
    itu semua dugaan dari-NYA,
    maybe ada hikmah disebalik semuanya...

    hope semuanya akn kembali normal seperti biasa...

    miss u alwaz:)

    ~Cik Wanie~

  2. Just be cool. Everything will be okay soon, sweetheart.

  3. sabar2, dugaan bulan puasa ni....
    semuanya akan ok nnt...
    smiley cheer...