Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Gave Up!

There are certain things and issues in my life right now that I am not willing to deal with, share or fight for. I just felt that these complicated life issues are just too petty to be given a fight.

It urkks me when a friend started to compare what I did for other friend and what I did less for him. And then started to nit picked me on issues that are way passed his bed time. I am too old for all these and once or twice in my life when I was young I already had dealt with all these.

For a guy in the late thirties, I just don’t have the patient to deal with early twenty-something people who think they know about life and friendship and thought that he is more well verse than a person 10 years older than him. So for me to fight about whose friend should do what and so forth, this is just the kind of issue that I would just let go. Not worth my time to even think it.

So, today I deleted some 18 people of common friends on my Facebook that I share with a friend because I do not need another headache from him asking why this and why that. I gave up interrogation over peace anytime!

I feel so sorry to these people!

These people I have deleted are definitely worth a friendship for but I’ve decided that from now on, I am not going to share my friends anymore. Nor I will join any social gathering with his friends either. I will be strict about all these!

I will keep myself to myself. I will be myself and ask what I want most for my happiness. I will be less forgiving and less pleasing. The more I give, the more it will be less enough. Ultimately, it all became bird shit that fell on my head!

And if my happiness is in jeopardy, I will drastically decide what’s best for me and I will gave it all up and fly.

I am not afraid to fly!

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