Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Broken Here And There!

I am so tired of broken things lately. I moved into my new place almost 6 months ago and recently I discovered, despite everything looking so new; doors, toilets, the clean wall, the white ceilings, my brand new furniture and brand new electrical appliances; it takes only a few months for all these craps to start breaking here and there and malfunctions like a Gingerbread Cookie House after an earthquake.

Not to mention the skirting on my Chevy is already broken to pieces and I still haven't found the mood to fix it yet. What's the point of fixing because the minute it looks like brand new again, some stupid guy on a motorcycle gonna hit my bumper or I am gonna hit some rock on the dirt road and damage the skirting again. And on top of that the two front tires needs to be replaced latest by next month. Darn it!

What about my Rubine Prefessional Cooker (Stove & Oven) that is Designed in Italy? I bought that last August 2010, just 6 months ago and it cost me RM 4,000 / USD 1,300 (Cheap? I think not!). Yeah! It was designed in Italy but where is it actually made from? I have no clue but probably China! That's where everything else is manufactured anyway nowadays. The main stove open burner is already dead. The gas cannot go through it unless I press the switch nob the whole time during cooking. That sucks! Now I have to fucking call that company to send their technician to fix it? Will it cost me? I sure hope not! It should be under warranty for the whole fucking year! If they insist on charging me, I will be some fucking bitch from hell and say NO to them. We'll see!

And then there's the roof of the house, leaking like a freaking shower. Whenever there's a thunder storm like a monsoon here at Taman Puncak Jalil, there's also some quick shower on several spots in my ceiling. Not many, about 5 spots only. And 1 leak on the roof is already too many! I wonder what is so fucking wrong with TALAM CORPORATION BERHAD that they have to cut corners and used substandard building materials when they build housings and buildings?

And recently I was told, whenever these fuckers build new housing areas or new apartments, only a few of the local banks willing to be the loan provider. The rest all already black listed TALAM for housing loans. That is a serious shit isn't it? Unless we buy the property from the owner and not directly from TALAM Corporation. How can our government let them slide like a fucking snake?

When I looked at the 1'X 1' tiles on my upper floor, I realized that the building itself is not even square. On one side of the room the tiles have to be cut at an angle or slanting. What kind of a bull shit is this? They can't even built a house straight or in an exact square? Isn't that suppose to be a very basic design to get it straight and square?

And then there are other shits coming along like the door knobs on the doors are all shits and need to be replaced again. The lock on the grill door already showing signs of aging and will be jammed anytime soon. And the main electrical switch keeps tripping off during heavy rain and thunder storms. And the list just go on and on. Will there be any break for me? I guest not!

Maintaining things are so costly nowadays and to fix everything that's considerably new is another story. I feel so tired of broken things around me. And those I mentioned above are not even half of all the broken shits.

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