Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Birthday Last Night & The Gift.

Over the top birthday gift from Rezal. The exact Kitchen Aid Mixer that I have been wanting and he got it for me. I was surprised? Yes! Am I grateful of his gift? Yes! Am I feeling uneasy about getting such an expensive about RM 2,300.00/USD 770 mind you? Yes! I am afraid to accept such an expensive things from him especially he could have spent it better for himself instead of for me.

I can find my own ways to own this mixer someday, in fact if I want to buy it now also I could just go and buy. But, I don't feel like doing it now because I am already spending tons of my cash out to the drain to maintain such a decent lifestyles, which happens to be slightly more than average and he is in this picture as well, washing his hand and living it with me.

So I am kind of 50/50 on this matter. I have offered to pay half of what he paid because I don't see why he has to buy something that I really want according to his taste of color anyway. Black? OK lah! Given that the retailer has no stocks of color, hence I could buy it in the future when they have the right color I love, Banana Yellow, Red or Baby Blue or the best is Silver. Anyway, in this matter the stupid retailer didn't have the color I like.

Owning this Kitchen Aid Mixer is something that I really been wanting to have and I want to buy it for myself and I don't want to owe someone for giving it to me. I do not like the word "you owe me bitch!" And on his birthday in June I have to crank my pocket on buying something of similar value. To me spending about RM 1000 per gift is really lavish and extravagant already. It's just a matter of being creative to find the perfect gift.

And as time goes by, usually the gift to someone gets more meaningful each time as we know more about that person. In my best friends case, we are tired of gifts already. At our age now almost reaching 40, we just want to buy things on our own and reward ourselves with things we really love and furthermore is the companionship that matter and not the material stuff anymore.

A gift must be something practical that a person need but at the same time thoughtful and unexpected. For example, a tote bag/just any nice bag, a pair of sport shoes/working shoes, a watch, a set of beauty product, perfumes, a mobile phone, a bracelet or a nice necklace (not diamonds of course) and or a tour somewhere nice for the weekend would hit the spot and will be kept as a wonderful memory in the photo album.

I am not being difficult by having stupid list of stuff that I need or someone has to be sacked away out the door. No! No! After living for 39 years now, more than ever I realized how I really understand myself and what I like and I don't like. Not a list but just some things that I do and don't do.

I just felt that when Rezal presented me with that expensive Kitchen Aid mixer last night was like a beauty queen being trapped by her boy friend and proposed to her on stage in the middle of the pageant that she just won. That proposal put her in the spot and she was not ready to accept that ring yet. I felt the exact same way! I almost ask him, "are you sure?" as I was sure not!

I need to get rid of my unacceptable feelings of this gifts as Rezal also has the tendency to "ungkit" the value of money he had invested over certain things in the past. This is not something I made up, it has happened before numerous times. But every time he was jealous of me giving some nice gifts to someone, he forgot that I spent more on him. I did the math! I am no bimbo! It's just that this time, this kitchen aid mixer is too damn expensive and I didn't expect him to go this far when his family needs more money than I. This will be a main point with him at some point in the future for debate of who spent more and shit. I just really hate being in this kind of calculative fighting.

I could return it back to him and break his heart. Or he can accept my offer and let me pay half of the value and make me feel happier. Or I could just eat my own self precaution protective shit over my untarnished ego and hoping that he will not "ungkit" how much he had spent on me in the near future.

At my age now, here I go again, I just don't need all the shits that can give me mental depression or heart attack. That's all! But, I really do love the Kitchen Aid Mixer and appreciate how Rezal really try so hard to give the perfect birthday present to me. However the many circumstances that might shock me or haunts me in the future, I thank you very much!

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