Friday, January 7, 2011

MY Ultimate Obsession For My Birthday

Every year as I grow older and wiser and get more complicated with my life, I have bigger and more expensive desire for my birthday present. I don't need anyone to buy these for me but I want to buy them myself actually. Unfortunately, I didn't get anything for myself last year because I didn't have any extra money to buy anything. So I end up just ate the birthday cake. However this year is no different than last year, I'm still with a bacteria-sized of budget to splurge on branded goods but to actually share it with you guys what I really want for my birthday is making me feel happier. I love these three things below and I wish I can afford to get them for myself in the future.

ROLEX is my long time obsession. I have always in love with this particular one. An Oyster Perpetual Datejust, very simple and timeless classic. I absolutely adore this one to be on my wrist everyday.

Ohhhh My PRADA!!!!! I have always drool on Prada bags, Tote bags and Back Packs too. I have one sling back that I bought in Honolulu ages ago, and I lost my wallet and key holders many years ago. Too bad for me. Prada is just too damn expensive for me!

I love baking cakes and pastries and cooking is one of my ultimate passions other than my orchids and cats. This is the latest KitchenAid Mixer that I have been dreaming about. It will look so great in my kicthen. Hehehehe!

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