Friday, January 21, 2011

Money Value Overrulled Friends And Families

Well it happened about 5 months ago at Seng Heng Electrical Store at Puchong. I was shopping for some electrical appliances for my new place and Kamizi was to help me with the payment using his credit card. With his credit cards I get to pay installments for at least 6 months and to a maximum of 30 months.

Naturally, when the credit is rather large shopping with the money we don't own makes its much more fun until the bills are presented every month for payments. It will start to pinch little by little. But I am so grateful with Kamizi's help to use his credit cards to pay for my things. We trust each other that's the thing. And I will make sure I keep it that way and do my best to make payments to his credit cards every month on time as per agreement.

So, Kamizi was also at the same time looking for a camera for his own because he was planning for a holiday with his parents to Beijing. When he looked at the prices of all the handy small Digital cameras was quite expensive and not much cheaper than my DSLR Canon EOS 1000D. So I jumped into this opportunity and offered him to buy my camera so I could upgrade my Canon to EOS 500D that has a video function and much more.

The thing about Kamizi that I always mistaken is that he is very calculative about spending his money. It doesn't matter to his best friend or to his mother. He will put value for money over things much more importantly and not over emotion or love for someone that you care about. At least a lot lower than I would ever go that's for sure!

So he started to nickle and dime me for my EOS 1000D and after a long time "arguing" on what was the reasonable value for my EOS 1000D, he finally agreed to pay RM300 for my good camera and put my friendship value on a much lower value over money. I on the other hand willingly let go my Canon EOS 1000D for almost free because I was grateful for his help with his credit card payment and for my love and appreciation over our friendship.

Then I bought myself a new Canon EOS 500D for over RM 2000.00. It was rather risky of me to do this but I couldn't resist the temptation of owning a new camera. I was happy and Kamizi got a digital camera for so damn cheap.

And yesterday, at my house during my lunch party, Abang Din opened his big mouth and told me that Kamizi sold that EOS 1000D to his brother for RM 800.00 and gained RM 500.00 profit on it.

At that point I realized where I belong in Kamizi's world of calculative "Kaching". I wonder which is worse? The fact that he nickle and dime me for that great camera over my good heart on our long time friendship; or he scammed his own brother by selling that camera with RM 500.00 profit over it?

He knew he was guilty over these whole thing and was laughing with full guilt on his face as I saw it but to be honest, I don't think he's the kind of person that really cares what is the value of love, friendship or compassion when he has to squeeze his pocket to pay for it. Money is definitely will overrule his friends or his family.

I was sad, devastated and felt cheated over my own best friend and I am sure this will happen again in the future knowing how easy and gullible I am over things or as Kamizi always said so eloquently about me that I am an easily pleased person. But I will always play by my rule and stick to what I believe in: love and friendship over money.

And for what I see, people who has the same principle like myself we will always have so much debts everywhere and will never get rich. We'll have just enough to go by every month. And "smart" people like Kamizi will always have lots of cash in the bank for back up and live in fear for not having money around rather than worrying about not having his best friends or his families around.

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