Friday, January 28, 2011

8 Cats And A Human Soul

Ever since Facebook became so popular to the point that almost everybody who works with a computer will start their day with updating their facebook walls first thing in the morning. To some point Facebook is almost like drinking beer for breakfast, you just get intoxicated and addicted to it too early in the day. Which is why most huge corporations or companies would block Facebook among other websites from their internet system.

To some of us, Facebook is simply genius. We got closer to the people we have lost contact with either friends or families and also making new circle of friends through it. However, I am not here to talk about Facebook but how Facebook has connected me and my course-mates of 91-93 from University ITM, Shah Alam.

It is amazing how we managed to talk to each other again without having to pay a cent for a phone bill. We have scattered around the world by now. Some of us are married, some of us are spinsters, some of us have children already, some of us has 8 cats, some of us are divorced with or without children and some of us have immigrated to Thailand, USA or Australia and become the citizen of the world. And yet we are able to communicate to each other like we are neighbors. Isn't it cool or what?

Naturally, once or twice a year there will be some gathering organized by our course-mate to catch up on each other or to share our latest development. It is amazing how some of us who used to be in the back of the class are now leading the pack with so much things to share. To be honest, some of the things can be a bit annoying but for a few hours of gathering, why not just endure with a smile for a change.

We used to claw each other back when we were in the UITM. We were so young then and had very little patient for life and didn't know any better how we would be in the future back then. Well now is the future of 18 years to be exact and a lot has changed since then. The most obvious is our look. Some of us that has stopped growing taller becoming wider instead. What was once a clean flawless cheeks is now filled with facial hair for accessories. Someone that used to be nerdy is now a fashionista or a fashionmista. Someone that used to have such foul mouth now a religious man. But there are some of us who has not changed a bit. But there are also some of us that we have never heard of anymore too. But these are all just facts of life. Everything about us will evolve with times to survive the hard living.

As for myself, I am still deciding whether or not to go to this gathering at Shah Alam tomorrow evening. Not that I don't like the pissing contest. It's just that I got no desire to share anything with anybody, friends or no-friends, no hard feelings what so ever.

Somehow I am just not excited but very complicated. Pretty much I just want to stay home and enjoy a quiet time alone if possible. But I don't think I will have any time alone or quiet for that matter. Its the life I live nowadays already void my luxury of quiet time alone.

At some complicated times, I wish there's no mobile phones or Facebooks or cats or a lover for that matter so that I could have some precious time alone for myself.

I saw a movie last night and there was a question raised by the character; why Hot-dogs are packed in 10 pieces but Hot-dog buns are a pack of eight buns? Well the answer is simple; sometimes life is not always as we planned it. So might as well accept what we have, be grateful and make the best out of it.

So that means, my wish for some time alone for myself will include my 8 cats and a human soul.

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