Friday, January 7, 2011

My Birthday The 19th January

So my birthday is coming up and I will be 39 years old. That is so FUCKING OLD isn't it? I hate it but nobody can escape getting old. So the most common phrase that we heard people say.. . . . ."It's just a number nothing more!" Duhhhhhhhh! and Fuck you!

I don't know why i feel so miserable and so self destruct sometimes. Do I need people to come up to me and say. . . . "Ohhhh! You poor thing my dear!" and blah blah blah!! Do I need pity from people? Do I need to feel sorry for myself? And for what? I have no fucking idea what is going on with my head lately.

The question is what do I want for my birthday and who I want to spend it with? I feel like spending my birthday ALONE this year. Frankly speaking I am planning for my dissappearance as we speak now. Should I do it? I'm still thinking though!

The three things I want for my birthday:

1. Someone to pay off all my debts to the banks. (Not in a million years, unless Bill Gates is my daddy)

2. A nice freakin watch. I will search for this watch base on my tiny bacteria-sized budget. Should i steal one because then my bacteria-sized budget won't matter anymore.

3. My friends should all get together and buy me a Kitchen Aid Mixer since they all know that I love to bake cakes, pastries, cooking food and entertaining them all the times.

What I also really need is get myself so fucking drunk, drinking as much wine and margaritas as i want and forget the fucking world. Just for a day! But I am afraid to do this anymore for a religious reason. I used to fucking passed out especially during christmas and new year in Hawaii. But that was when I was 20 something guy. I am way pass that already and very complicated nowadays.

Happy Fucking Birthday to me. In advance! Huhuhuhu!

Dwen Ujang

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