Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Looking Better Today!

Finally I got a haircut at 8.45pm last night and what a transformation. From a haggard and messy looking dude to a clean neat gentleman (Masuk bakul angkat sendiri). It is true what people say that when we look good on the outside, ie fit & healthy, well dressed, less fat, etc; we will instantly feel better on the inside as well.

Today I feel great and a little bit better than yesterday after being called fat for so many times. I suspect it wasn't so much of being fat that people started calling me names. It was my messy unmanageable look that caught some bad attention from people and thus the bad label was thrown at me.

My first haircut 5 days after my 39th birthday. Not too shabby ehhh!

Thank God! I realized the power of looking good can certainly change people's opinion towards you and make you feel much happier. People love people who loves themselves! And that is so true!

Kudos to me!!!!

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